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Wedding Planners

Luxury wedding plannersLet the professional wedding planners take the strain of organising your wedding! Ace Tones have accumulated masses of experience as wedding services providers, as many happy couple will testify.

What makes Ace Tones the wedding planners of choice?

  • Relevant experience – Established since 2004, we have been organising weddings every year since
  • Reliability – We have a proven track record in delivering high quality memorable entertainment
  • Quality equipment, in which we constantly invest
  • Well trained and reliable staff, who know what to do to ensure that your wedding goes according to plan
  • Flawless health and safety record – Our health and safety procedures are audited by Citation, a reputable specialist firm. We maintain our PAT and Adip certifications.
  • Ability to understand your needs and deliver tailored wedding services
  • Honest advice
  • The ability to problem solve – We have proven we can deal even with the unexpected. \the Ace Tones team will deal with any unwelcome surprises  before they threaten to spoil the fun.

For a successful wedding day, several strands have to come together flawlessly. There is a lot to think about, so sensible planning is essential.

Planning and organising your wedding marquee

Not just the shape and size of your marquee has to be well planned in preparation for your wedding, but the furniture, soft furnishing, lighting and decorations need to be thought through well in advance. For more details, have a look at our Wedding marquee hire page.

Delivering the auxiliary equipment

From luxury toilets to power generators, Ace Tones will make sure everything is installed in the right place, and in perfect working order at the start of your wedding party.

Planning the entertainment and installing the games

Our staff will set up the games, to be ready by the time your guests begin to arrive. Trained operators will be at hand during the wedding party, to ensure your guests make the most of the fun activities. Find out more about Ace Tones’ wedding entertainment services.

Organising the catering, drinks and treats

Choosing a menu that will satisfy a variety of dietary requirement and supplying fresh, top quality food is an essential part of wedding planning.  So we give it the attention it deserves. Please find more detail on the Catering page on our website.

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