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Virtual Team Building Activities and Remote Team Games

Fun virtual team building activitiesVirtual team building activities and remote team games can bring together any number of home-working employees in a fun and stimulating online event. As well as keeping up the team spirit, these events are are great for incentivising your team remotely.  Using the power of the internet, our experienced entertainers can connect all of your employees across the globe.  Whether you are constricted by to social distancing rules or want to bring together a national or global team, we can give you a fun and interactive session. We can focus on specific areas like motivation, leadership, problem solving, listening and communication or just some good old fashioned fun.

Here are a few of our most popular Virtual team building activities and remote team games:

Online magician and mentalist show

Have an interactive magic and mind reading show over video conferencing. Our talented magician got creative and produced a whole collection of new tricks specifically for virtual events. More information on our Online Magician and Mentalist page.

remote team building activities Online Escape Room Games

A unique take on the already very popular escape room games. Fun and mentally stimulating, it will get your remote team working together towards a solution. Check out our Online Escape Room Games page to find out more.

Online Caricaturist

Give your employees a memorable gift. All it takes i a short sitting over a video call link. Our talented caricaturist will take the liking of each team member and post the digital caricatures in an online gallery accessible to your team. Visit our Online Caricaturist page to find out more.

Virtual Drum Workshop

The ultimate way  in junk percussion and recycled rhythm, all experienced remotely  over video conferencing!  This is a great virtual team building activity for increasing team energy, bonding and creativity.

Remote drum workshop

How does it work?

Your team will log onto their virtual invite from their remote office and will wait for our Rockstar Activator to commence the workshop.  There’s no need for drum kits or instruments of any kind; whether you choose wooden spoons, plastic buckets or even cardboard boxes everyone can be a rockstar in their own home. The team will let their creative juices flow whilst feeding from the energy created by everyone in the team.  Video footage can be recorded and edited after the session and sent back to your HQ to be shared on your internal intranet.

How many people can get involved and how long is a session?

Numbers are unlimited although we would recommend 50 in a workshop.  Sessions can last up to 90 minutes.


Virtual Mosaic Team Activity

A great way to enjoy creating the feeling of togetherness when working remotely.  Create your logo, slogan or image with the help of your team.

How does it work?

Your team will be sent a secure link in which they will take a funny picture of themselves.  They will send it/upload it to our secure link.  Each and every picture sent in will create a bigger picture, usually your company logo.  The team can log in over the course of the event duration, whether that be a day or complete week, and see the creation of each photo being uploaded to create your masterpiece.  On the completion of the masterpiece this can be printed and sent to you to be hung up in pride of place at your HQ.

How many people can get involved and how long is a session?

You can have an unlimited number of participants and the duration can be set for as long or short as you require.  

Online Circus Skills Workshop

Online circus workshop

Ever wondered how much fun 3 pairs of socks could be?  You and your team could find that out with our cool virtual team building juggling workshop.

How does it work?

Your team will log onto to their virtual invite from their remote office and will wait for our Juggling Jester to commence the workshop.  Each of your team will need certain resources like…… 3 pairs of socks.  Not only will your team learn how to juggle by the end of the session, they will also have great laughs with others interacting in the session.

How many people can get involved & what duration would you recommend?

Numbers are unlimited although we would recommend up to 50 in a workshop.  Sessions can last up to 90 minutes although within a 15-30 minute session you will be able to juggle competently.  Points can be awarded for various skilled tricks with the winner being named and awarded a prize. Video footage can be recorded and edited after the session and sent back to your HQ to be shared on your internal intranet.

Living Zoom Olympics – The Ultimate in Remote Team Games

Bring the fun and games of the Olympics to your virtual meeting room with our unique and hilarious Living Zoom Olympics – a hilarious sport-themed game show. Multiple players engage via Zoom to take on the challenges set by our very talented, though slightly crazy hosts, who emulate the buzz of the global games. Guaranteed lots of laughs and giggles! The host will structure the game show to suit the size of audience. We recommend three rounds of sporting fun, all using household items. The dry witted sports commentators  will ensure audience participation.

How Many People can get involved and and how long is a session?

The optimal number of participants is 90, but it can go up to 450 if required. We recommend a run time between 60-90 minutes.

Are you planning a virtual team building activity for your remote team? Our entertainers can help you make it fun and special. Call us on 01733 442025 or fill in the Contact Us form.

digital caricature drawn on iPad

Online Caricaturist – Live Digital Caricatures

The good news is that sitting for a caricature can be done just as well over the internet. If the caricaturist and her subject can’t meet face to face, the quality of the work will not suffer in the least. 

virtual escape room

Online Escape Room Games

Escape rooms games are known to be mentally challenging and fun. This is a team building game designed for online environments, so that remote teams can have fun and practice teamwork in a video conference setting.

Online magician performing a card trick

Online Magician and Mentalist Show

Are you planning an online team building or fun corporate event? Or looking for entertainment for an online birthday party? Our online magician and mentalist will have the audience glued to their screens.

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