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Team Building Event

These are fun events with a team building twist. They can help integrate new team members faster, create opportunities for your staff to bond in a relaxed environment, discover each other’s hidden talents.

A team building event can create opportunities for the participants to practice leadership skills, cooperative problem solving, creativity, effective listening and communication. We can take things one step beyond the fun if you wish, and begin to discuss interactions and team dynamics elicited through play.

Here is a selection of themes around which you can build your event:

It’s a Knockout It's a Knock Out

A colorful day of physical fitness and roaring laughter – wacky costumes, fast and furious races, water and foam and even mud if you so wish. The games include funnel tunnel, penguin race, chicken run and slippery slope to name but a few. Teams work together to win points while the fun builds up to a grand finale. Everyone wins in the end.

Country Pursuits

A sporty and adventurous day in the countryside, including activities like archery, shooting, axe throwing, falconry, duck herding, milk the cows, remote control Land Rover cars, blindfold 4X4 driving and rock climbing.

Motorized ActivitiesMotorized Vehicles Challenge

Choose from Ace Tones’ large collection of motorized vehicles including quad bikes, hovercrafts, buggies and even motorized toilets and baths! Teams will race around a set course to collect bean bags and return them to set positions. Good planning is essential. Inter-team coordination will be required if anyone is to win.

Pub Games and Sports

There is a huge list of activities to choose from, whether you want an indoor or an outdoor event, or a combination. It’s up to you to decide if you want a predominantly brainy or physically active event, or if the two are closely balanced. And you can even have a bespoke pub quiz, to suit the interests of the participants.

Brain Box

This is teamwork with a practical aim. The participants will build something or solve a practical challenge together. Resourcefulness and lateral thinking are required, as well as communication, cooperation and leadership skills. A great opportunity for team members to discover each other’s hidden talents.

Art Workshop

Combine individual creative work into one artistic piece. It could be a an impressionist painting made of fingerprints or a mega-collage of photos, postcards, textiles or vegetal materials. Why not create a portrait related to your industry? Whatever the inspiration or medium, creating the piece will involve collective planning and decision making, coordination and creativity. The resulting artwork can be framed and put on display back at the office.  

Soapbox Derby

Competing teams build their own gravity racer, and it will be all downhill from there! Different levels of teamwork will be required, as inter-team cooperation will be needed if all the vehicles are to be raceworthy by the given deadline. Will the racers get to the finish line in one piece? Points will be awarded for speed, but take away if pieces fall off the vehicles.


Murder mystery

Everyone will be a suspect in one of our intriguing whodunit scenarios. Scenery and props will be used to create a period atmosphere where required. Professional actors will mingle with your staff and introduce unexpected twists and turns in the plot. The team who comes closest to solving the mystery wins.

Samba workshop

This is team building with a musical theme. Participants begin by learning to play a variety of percussion instruments, then come together as a band. You will be amazed at their performance and how quickly it all comes together with a bit of coordination.

Extreme challenge

This core activities in this event are not for  the faint hearted: zipline challenge, rock climbing, obstacle races and the likes, but there may be ways around it if you charm the jury with a fun performance.

Multi-activity day

Variety is the order of the day, as participants take part in archery contests, motor races, physical fitness and brainy challenges.

School sports day

This is like the tradition school sports day, only more hilarious, as participants will put on comedy costumes before competing in egg and spoon race, sack race, relay races etc, trying to win points for their team.

Rock and roll bingo

A sing along version of bingo, in which the numbers are replaced with music clips. Participants work in groups, piecing together their recollection of songs and artists.

car race team building

Car Racing Team Building

Our Car Racing team building activity delivers both team-working and competitive challenges. We can adapt the event structure to fit your needs. A half-day event may include activities such as a track building, followed by a technical driving course. Alternatively we can organise a full day Car Racing Expedition, which will takes the teams outdoors […]

3 red and 3 blue remote control boots on the pitch.

Remote Control Football Boots – Digital Table Football

The Remote Control Football Boots is a tabletop football game, which combines the skill of remote control cars with the fun of football. A competitive, fast moving game for up to 6 players at a time.
If you’re a table football fan, this digital table football game will be a hit.

Multi Activity Days

Our Multi Activity days are tailored for large team building events. Activities are selected from our extensive range of equipment and expert event team will ensure that your event is structured to meet your every need

Corporate Disco

Indoor Entertainment & Games Hire

We have an impressive range of activities, from Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, Rodeo Bulls, to bouncy castles. Whether you are hosting a Party, Corporate Event or Wedding our package deals are sure to be a ‘wow’ with your guests!

Giant Nintendo Wii Hire

This is the game of the moment! Nintendo have revolutionised computer game play and we have them available for hire.

Light reaction game

Giant Inflatable Games Hire

Whether you are looking to increase team building skills or just want a laugh our Giant Inflatable Games are just the trick!

Corporate Days Out – Family Fun

Does your company treat its employees to corporate days out? With full event management available to take the stress away, we can make these events fun for everyone, including the organisers! From designing your event to managing the logistics, you can rely on Ace Tones to make your project enjoyable from the word ‘go’.

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