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Wild West Theme Party (Western Theme Party)

Experience the thrill of the edgy and adventurous Wild West! Rough and ready surroundings, shootings, outlaws, the gold rush, gambling in the iconic western saloon, and the noose of the hangman just round the corner…
The Wild West theme works well for both indoor parties and outdoor events.

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A belated but very heartfelt thank you for coming to play at our wedding last month-it was absolutely fantastic! We enjoyed it so much, the music & performance were just brilliant and all our guests old and young had a great time, it created a great atmosphere for the evening and really helped make the day a wonderful one. Even Leon was on the dance floor which is unheard of! Please pass our thanks onto the band, the music really was just fantastic!!

Fay & Leon Johnston

We had a great time and your guys were very good with us. Professional and attentive.

Mark Chuwen


With so many legends, novels and films, there is no shortage of inspiration for the Wild West theme party. Ace Tones have gathered a large collection of party props, from wigwams to saloon bar doors, to bring this theme to life. Add in games and entertainment acts like shooting, archery, knife throwing and the virtual reality Wild West simulator, and you will have an ace-high party!

We have put together 4 standard packages to help you plan your Wild West themed event. They are meant to provide inspiration, so don’t let them stop you being adventurous. You can always mix and match, and also add optional extras from the list at the bottom of this page.

Wild West Theme Party – Bronze Package

Recommended for up to 100 guests
Price: from £1,995 + VAT

What does this package include?

Wild West themed party backdrop

  • Setting up your party venue with two Wild West themed backdrops (6m wide), full size saloon bar doors (2x2m), two wagon wheels, horse stable tie and feeding trough, two full size whisky oak barrels, Wild West peep board and two free standing Wild West figures
  • Decorating 10 dinner tables with Gingham table cloths and cowboy hat centrepieces
  • Enhancing the themed decor with washlighting for the props and backdrops (six wireless battery uplighters)
  • Setting up and assisting with the evening’s entertainment:
    • Cactus hoopla
    • Either a rodeo bull, a photo booth or selfie pod

Wild West Theme Party – Silver Package

Recommended for up to 300 guests
Price: from £4,500 + VAT

Includes everything in the Bronze Package plus:

  • Extending the party area – one extra backdrop and additional props: one oak barrel, two dynamite crates, a 3D vulture, twenty fake sandbags, two tombstones, buffalo horns and 30ft of white picket fencing
  • Decorating 20 more dinner tables
  • Installing washlighting effect around the additional props and backdrops (six more wireless battery uplighters)
  • One extra fun activity for the guests – Choose between laser clay pigeon shooting (outdoors only) or virtual reality Wild West simulator
  • The guests will be entertained by a Wild West meet and greet stilt walker and a Wild West whip and knife show with audience participation
  • Setting up a disco, including PA system, professional DJ and special lighting effects
  • Providing a treat for the guests – popcorn cart with unlimited supply for the duration of the party

Wild West Theme Party – Gold Package

Recommended for up to 500 guests (Ask us to tailor your package if you have a larger number of guests.)
Price: from £7,250 + VAT

Wild West themed party props

Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus:

  • A larger party area, with an added backdrop, a bigger selection of props, including a wigwam tent, a totem pole, two dynamite crate replicas, three extra oak barrels, twenty straw bales (3.5m x 3.5m), a hangman’s noose prop, High Noon sign (3m high), and 30 extra feet of white picket fencing
  • Installing  washlighting effect around the additional props and backdrops (six more wireless battery uplighters)
  • Decorating 20 more tables
  • More fun for the guests, with a table magician and two extra games: Gold Cup horse racing and either archery or axe throwing
  • More treats for the guests – choose between a waffle bar or an ice cream tricycle

Wild West Theme Party – Platinum Package

Recommended for up to 500 guests (Ask us to tailor your package if you have a larger number of guests.)
Price: from £19,950 + VAT
Wild West themed party shooting gamesIncludes everything in the Gold Package, plus: 

  • Enhancing the themed decor with an extra backdrop and more props: panning for gold machine, Wild West food hut and Wild West bar
  • Installing washlighting effect around the additional props and backdrops (six more wireless battery uplighters)
  • More fun Wild West obstacle course (outdoors only)
  • Fun photo opportunities – a photo booth or selfie pod with Wild West themed backdrops
  • A larger number of entertainments to liven up the party atmosphere. Choose between
    • Two tequila girls
    • Two meet and greet showgirls and a can-can show
  • More treats for the guests: Wild West sizzling BBQ and a Wild West bar with 5 free alcoholic and soft drinks

Optional Extras for Wild West Theme Parties

Wild West theme partyCustomize your package by adding more props and decor features, games, entertainment acts and treats for your guests:

  • Enhance the atmosphere with special light effects e.g. globe lighting
  • Offer more fun activities to the guests: casino tables, horse rides or Wild West themed side stalls
  • Invite additional entertainers: stilt walkers, magicians, singers etc
  • Explore more catering options
  • Offer themed goody bags to your guests

Standard features

The following are included as standard in all Ace Tones party packages:

  • Liaising with your venue and managing the setup of your party
  • At least one of Ace Tones event team will be available for the whole duration of your party to supervise the lighting, equipment etc.
  • Health and safety provision


We use the latest technology, remote controlled battery uplighters (not tied to sockets, therefore no hazard of tripping over cables). All our lights are LED – they do not get hot, so they are safe to touch.
All our backdrops and panels are freestanding – there is no risk of damage to walls at venues.

Why not get in touch and share your ideas with an Ace Tones event specialist? We are ready to assist you in designing your perfect party.



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