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Wedding and Hen Party Games


Make your hen party and wedding reception unforgettable with a well chosen selection of fun games! Here is list of popular games that we often include in our wedding packages:

Have a fun casino game at your wedding party

Ace Tones’ Fun Casinos will create a sophisticated and exciting atmosphere at your wedding. Guests play with ‘fun money’, which can be personalised with photographs and messages.

Our stylish croupiers are chosen for their personality and social skills, as well as game management proficiency. Understanding that the majority of guests may be new to the fun casino games, they explain rules and guide play ensuring everyone can join in the fun and share in an unforgettable experience.

Batak Wall for weddings

A fun, challenging game that will get your guests hooked in seconds and get them engaged in playful competition. Who will be the winner and what will be the prize?

Rodeo bull

The bull bucks and spins under operator control till you fall off. This activity is sure to lead to hilarious results for participants and assembled guests.
This activity is safe, only the ego takes a bashing as the participant lands harmlessly on the soft inflatable surround apron.

Interactive Light Reaction Table

Interactive pads have been slotted into the table to a create game mode similar to a Batak wall except this time it is competitive. 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 who can turn off their coloured lights the quickest. This game is popular with guests of all ages.

laser clay pigeon shooting

Laser clay pigeon shooting

Participants shoot with authentic, but deactivated twelve bore Italian sporting shotguns, weighing and feeling the same as real guns.
Each system supports five laser shotguns and an electronic scoreboard. Guns fire an infrared beam at the reflective and reusable clays – there’s a realistic shotgun ‘bang’ as hits are indicated by the sound of a breaking clay.
The tally appears on the giant laser clays scoreboard. This is a totally safe activity with no recoil and is suitable for all abilities.

Giant Connect 4Giant games

Choose from a selection of classic games, in super-size version: Connect 4, Jenga, Buzzwire, Giant Operation, Table Football and Air Hockey Table to be enjoyed by wedding guests of all ages.
If you’d like more detail about any of them, please have a look at our Giant Games page.


Cash Grabber

Your guests step inside our wind tunnel and they must grab as much fun money as they can in the allotted time. The overall winner at the end of the night wins a prize.

Soft play

Soft play area

Perfect for the younger guests, our soft play equipment includes fun tunnels, ride on toys,slides and of course a ball pool.
The soft play is strong but also padded to protect your little guests as they explore, leaving their parents to relax and enjoy themselves knowing that their little ones are happy.

These are just a few examples of games we have offered for weddings. I you are feeling adventurous, browse through the full list on the Services A to Z page.


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We thought you were extremely professional and friendly. Everything arrived on time and you even helped us tidy up the flooring after the function which was a great help, thank you! We would definitely recommend you. Your marquees were unusual and really spacious, well worth the money.

Matt, Jodie and Evie

Your team provided an excellent service, the marquee and other equipment was set up quickly and efficiently - very impressive. We anticipate that we will plan a similar event for next year and I expect we will be in touch to make use of your services again.

T Hessllewood

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