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VR Party (VR Hire)

Ace Tones’ VR Party (VR Hire) services offer a wide range of immersive virtual reality experiences.

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VR party (VR hire) and its amazing capabilities 

Immerse your guests into extraordinary new worlds with a virtual reality experience. Stand on a scaffold board plank looking down over New York, have a wild west shootout at the O.K. corral, play volleyball on a deserted beach or escape an alien invasion.  Your imagination is the only limitation, all this is possible when you hire our Virtual Reality Experience.

Our virtual reality party package comes complete with a selection of the latest VR games and motion controllers. One of friendly fun virtual reality expert instructors will guide your guests through each memorable experience.

As standard we provide barriers to create a virtual game play zone. A 50 inch flat screen monitor is provided, which as a result, draws spectators to view what the player is seeing in their virtual universe. Branded overlays are available to help boost your brand awareness.

VR Hire for Exhibitions and Trade Shows

A Virtual Reality Experience at your event is a great way to entice delegates to your exhibition stand or to be used as pre/post conference entertainment for parties. Why not upgrade your experience and brand your virtual reality stand, this will not only reaffirm any messages you want to relay to potential leads but will also give added brand awareness at your event.

Virtual Reality is for hire all year round

Our games are ideal for product launches, exhibition stands, corporate events & after conference entertainment. Unlimited free play action will not only generate interest in the launch of new products but will also attract people to exhibition stands.  As a result of this you will make your event one to remember. Theming of our games can be created to suit your requirements with our experienced instructor  helping to  oversee the organising and smooth operation of your event, however you will need to inform our friendly team on booking of your requests.

VR Party (VR Hire) EquipmentVirtual reality VR hire

Our standard VR hire package includes:

  • 50 inch VR monitor with aluminium trussing
  • 29 inch VR monitor
  • Virtual gameplay zone with safety barriers
  • HTC VR headset
  • Fully interactive motion controllers
  • Instructor and guide through your virtual world

Upgrade your system with your company branded overlay on the 50 inch viewing monitor

Operational Requirements

  • Indoor Activity or undercover
  • 13 amp socket required
  • 3m x 3m minimum operational space required
What other items would compliment the VR Experience?

Other great activities we have that would compliment this engaging piece of equipment include Giant Anki Track , not only is this suitable for all ages but it also creates great competition between players whilst still retaining the element of fun.

Interested in Booking or Finding out More Information?

Make Enquiry

To make an enquiry into this service, simply fill out the form below, making sure to include the name VR Party (VR Hire) in the "which services and products…" box. We will endeavour to respond to you promptly.

Service Delivery Areas

Ace Tones offers virtual reality (VR party hire) services in the following areas:

  1. Cambridge Virtual Reality
  2. London Virtual Reality
  3. London VR Experience
  4. Virtual Reality Bradford
  5. Virtual Reality Brighton
  6. Virtual Reality Cambridge
  7. Virtual Reality Exhibition
  8. Virtual Reality Exhibition Birmingham
  9. Virtual Reality Exhibition Boston
  10. Virtual Reality Exhibition Bradford
  11. Virtual Reality Exhibition Brighton
  12. Virtual Reality Exhibition Bristol
  13. Virtual Reality Exhibition Cambridge
  14. Virtual Reality Exhibition Cambridges
  15. Virtual Reality Exhibition Carlisle
  16. Virtual Reality Exhibition Chelmsford
  17. Virtual Reality Exhibition Chester
  18. Virtual Reality Exhibition Coventry
  19. Virtual Reality Exhibition Derby
  20. Virtual Reality Exhibition Durham
  21. Virtual Reality Exhibition Ely
  22. Virtual Reality Exhibition Exeter
  23. Virtual Reality Exhibition Gloucester
  24. Virtual Reality Exhibition Hull
  25. Virtual Reality Exhibition Ipswich
  26. Virtual Reality Exhibition Kings Lynn
  27. Virtual Reality Exhibition Leeds
  28. Virtual Reality Exhibition Leicester
  29. Virtual Reality Exhibition Lincoln
  30. Virtual Reality Exhibition Liverpool
  31. Virtual Reality Exhibition London
  32. Virtual Reality Exhibition Norfolk
  33. Virtual Reality Exhibition Spalding
  34. Virtual Reality Exhibition Suffolk
  35. Virtual Reality Birmingham
  36. Virtual Reality Boston
  37. Virtual Reality Bradford
  38. Virtual Reality Brighton
  39. Virtual Reality Cambridge
  40. Virtual Reality Carlisle
  41. Virtual Reality Chester
  42. Virtual Reality Coventry
  43. Virtual Reality Derby
  44. Virtual Reality Devon
  45. Virtual Reality Dunstable
  46. Virtual Reality Durham
  47. Virtual Reality Essex
  48. Virtual Reality Evesham
  49. Virtual Reality Exeter
  50. Virtual Reality Golders Green
  51. Virtual Reality Hull
  52. Virtual Reality Ipswich
  53. Virtual Reality Kent
  54. Virtual Reality Kettering
  55. Virtual Reality Kings Lynn
  56. Virtual Reality Leeds
  57. Virtual Reality Leicester
  58. Virtual Reality Lincoln
  59. Virtual Reality Liverpool
  60. Virtual Reality London
  61. Virtual Reality Luton
  62. Virtual Reality Manchester
  63. Virtual Reality NEC
  64. Virtual Reality Newcastle
  65. Virtual Reality Norfolk
  66. Virtual Reality North London
  67. Virtual Reality Northampton
  68. Virtual Reality Norwich
  69. Virtual Reality Nottingham
  70. Virtual Reality Oxford
  71. Virtual Reality Peterborough
  72. Virtual Reality Preston
  73. Virtual Reality Reading
  74. Virtual Reality Salford
  75. Virtual Reality Sheffield
  76. Virtual Reality Spalding
  77. Virtual Reality Stevenage
  78. Virtual Reality Stoke
  79. Virtual Reality Sunderland
  80. Virtual Reality York
  81. VR Bath
  82. VR Birmingham
  83. VR Boston
  84. VR Bradford
  85. VR Brighton
  86. VR Bristol
  87. VR Cambridge
  88. VR Cambridges
  89. VR Canterbury
  90. VR Carlisle
  91. VR Chelmsford
  92. VR Chester
  93. VR Chichester
  94. VR Coventry
  95. VR Derby
  96. VR Durham
  97. VR Ely
  98. VR Event H Ely
  99. VR Event Bath
  100. VR Event Birmingham
  101. VR Event Boston
  102. VR Event Bradford
  103. VR Event Brighton
  104. VR Event Bristol
  105. VR Event Cambridge
  106. VR Event Cambridges
  107. VR Event Canterbury
  108. VR Event Carlisle
  109. VR Event Chelmsford
  110. VR Event Chester
  111. VR Event Chichester
  112. VR Event Coventry
  113. VR Event Derby
  114. VR Event Durham
  115. VR Event Ely
  116. VR Event Exeter
  117. VR Event Gloucester
  118. VR Event Hereford
  119. VR Event Hull
  120. VR Event Ipswich
  121. VR Event Kings Lynn
  122. VR Event Lancaster
  123. VR Event Leeds
  124. VR Event Leicester
  125. VR Event Lichfield
  126. VR Event Lincoln
  127. VR Event Liverpool
  128. VR Event London
  129. VR Event Manchester
  130. VR Event Milton Keynes
  131. VR Event Newcastle
  132. VR Event Norfolk
  133. VR Event Norwich
  134. VR Event Nottingham
  135. VR Event Oxford
  136. VR Event Peterborough
  137. VR Event Plymouth
  138. VR Event Portsmouth
  139. VR Event Preston
  140. VR Event Ripon
  141. VR Event Salford
  142. VR Event Salisbury
  143. VR Event Sheffield
  144. VR Event Sheffiled
  145. VR Event Southampton
  146. VR Event Spalding
  147. VR Event St Albans
  148. VR Event Stoke
  149. VR Event Suffolk
  150. VR Event Sunderland
  151. VR Event Wakefield
  152. VR Event Westminster
  153. VR Event Winchester
  154. VR Event Wolverhampton
  155. VR Event Worcester
  156. VR Event York
  157. VR Exeter
  158. VR Exhibition Bath
  159. VR Exhibition Birmingham
  160. VR Exhibition Boston
  161. VR Exhibition Bradford
  162. VR Exhibition Brighton
  163. VR Exhibition Bristol
  164. VR Exhibition Cambridge
  165. VR Exhibition Cambridges
  166. VR Exhibition Canterbury
  167. VR Exhibition Carlisle
  168. VR Exhibition Chelmsford
  169. VR Exhibition Chester
  170. VR Exhibition Chichester
  171. VR Exhibition Coventry
  172. VR Exhibition Derby
  173. VR Exhibition Durham
  174. VR Exhibition Ely
  175. VR Exhibition Exeter
  176. VR Exhibition Gloucester
  177. VR Exhibition Hereford
  178. VR Exhibition Hull
  179. VR Exhibition Ipswich
  180. VR Exhibition Kings Lynn
  181. VR Exhibition Lancaster
  182. VR Exhibition Leeds
  183. VR Exhibition Leicester
  184. VR Exhibition Lichfield
  185. VR Exhibition Lincoln
  186. VR Exhibition Liverpool
  187. VR Exhibition London
  188. VR Exhibition Manchester
  189. VR Exhibition Newcastle
  190. VR Exhibition Norfolk
  191. VR Exhibition Norwich
  192. VR Exhibition Nottingham
  193. VR Exhibition Oxford
  194. VR Exhibition Peterborough
  195. VR Exhibition Plymouth
  196. VR Exhibition Portsmouth
  197. VR Exhibition Preston
  198. VR Exhibition Ripon
  199. VR Exhibition Salford
  200. VR Exhibition Salisbury
  201. VR Exhibition Sheffield
  202. VR Exhibition Southampton
  203. VR Exhibition Spalding
  204. VR Exhibition St Albans
  205. VR Exhibition Stoke
  206. VR Exhibition Suffolk
  207. VR Exhibition Sunderland
  208. VR Exhibition Wakefield
  209. VR Exhibition Westminster
  210. VR Exhibition Winchester
  211. VR Exhibition Wolverhampton
  212. VR Exhibition Worcester
  213. VR Exhibition York
  214. VR Expereince Westminster
  215. VR Experience Bath
  216. VR Experience Birmingham
  217. VR Experience Boston
  218. VR Experience Bradford
  219. VR Experience Brighton
  220. VR Experience Bristol
  221. VR Experience Cambridge
  222. VR Experience Cambridges
  223. VR Experience Canterbury
  224. VR Experience Carlisle
  225. VR Experience Chelmsford
  226. VR Experience Chester
  227. VR Experience Chichester
  228. VR Experience Coventry
  229. VR Experience Derby
  230. VR Experience Durham
  231. VR Experience Ely
  232. VR Experience Exeter
  233. VR Experience Gloucester
  234. VR Experience Hereford
  235. VR Experience Hull
  236. VR Experience Ipswich
  237. VR Experience Kings Lynn
  238. VR Experience Lancaster
  239. VR Experience Leeds
  240. VR Experience Leicester
  241. VR Experience Lichfield
  242. VR Experience Lincoln
  243. VR Experience Liverpool
  244. VR Experience London
  245. VR Experience Manchester
  246. VR Experience Newcastle
  247. VR Experience Norfolk
  248. VR Experience Norwich
  249. VR Experience Nottingham
  250. VR Experience Oxford
  251. VR Experience Peterborough
  252. VR Experience Plymouth
  253. VR Experience portsmouth
  254. VR Experience Preston
  255. VR Experience Ripon
  256. VR Experience Salford
  257. VR Experience Sheffield
  258. VR Experience Spalding
  259. VR Experience St Albans
  260. VR Experience Stoke
  261. VR Experience Suffolk
  262. VR Experience Sunderland
  263. VR Experience Wakefield
  264. VR Experience Winchester
  265. VR Experience Wolverhampton
  266. VR Experience Worcester
  267. VR Experience York
  268. VR Gloucester
  269. VR Hereford
  270. VR Bath
  271. VR Birmingham
  272. VR Boston
  273. VR Bradford
  274. VR Brighton
  275. VR Bristol
  276. VR Cambridge
  277. VR Cambridges
  278. VR Canterbury
  279. VR Carlisle
  280. VR Chelmsford
  281. VR Chester
  282. VR Chichester
  283. VR Coventry
  284. VR Derby
  285. VR Durham
  286. VR Ely
  287. VR Exeter
  288. VR Gloucester
  289. VR Hereford
  290. VR Hull
  291. VR Ipswich
  292. VR Kings Lynn
  293. VR Lancaster
  294. VR Leeds
  295. VR Leicester
  296. VR Lichfield
  297. VR Lincoln
  298. VR Liverpool
  299. VR London
  300. VR Manchester
  301. VR Newcastle
  302. VR Nnewcastle
  303. VR Norfolk
  304. VR Norwich
  305. VR Nottingham
  306. VR Oxford
  307. VR Peterborough
  308. VR Plymouth
  309. VR Portsmouth
  310. VR Preston
  311. VR Ripon
  312. VR Salford
  313. VR Salisbury
  314. VR Sheffield
  315. VR Southampton
  316. VR Spalding
  317. VR Sstoke
  318. VR St Albans
  319. VR Stoke
  320. VR Suffolk
  321. VR Sunderland
  322. VR Wakefield
  323. VR Westminster
  324. VR Winchester
  325. VR Wolverhampton
  326. VR Worcester
  327. VR York
  328. VR Hull
  329. VR Ipswich
  330. VR Kings Lynn
  331. VR Lancaster
  332. VR Leeds
  333. VR Leicester
  334. VR Lichfield
  335. VR Lincoln
  336. VR Liverpool
  337. VR London
  338. VR Manchester
  339. VR Newcastle
  340. VR Norfolk
  341. VR Northampton
  342. VR Norwich
  343. VR Nottingham
  344. VR Oxford
  345. VR Peterborough
  346. VR Plymouth
  347. VR Portsmouth
  348. VR Preston
  349. VR Ripon
  350. VR Salford
  351. VR Salisbury
  352. VR Sheffield
  353. VR Southampton
  354. VR Spalding
  355. VR St Albans
  356. VR Stoke
  357. VR Suffolk
  358. VR Sunderland
  359. VR Wakefield
  360. VR Westminster
  361. VR Winchester
  362. VR Wolverhampton
  363. VR Worcester
  364. VR York
  365. Vvirtual Reality Exhibition Brighton

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Many thanks to the team at Ace Tones from all of us at Lynchwood Park. All attendees to the evening event had such a wonderful time. Everything was well planned and we look forward to having Ace Tones back again next year.

J. Robinson - Lynchwood Park

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