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Robots & Specialist Characters

Our Specialist Characters are professional performing artistes who provide a unique service for any occasion!

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We have many specialist characters for all events. Listed below are just a few of our great characters:

Servo Dummies are unique moving mannequins that move slow precise robotics synchronised with a servo motor effect with each movement. Because of this unique sound effect, many people believe the Servo Dummies are real humanlike robots covered in rubber flesh.

Servo Dummies provide a unique attraction for exhibitions an conferences. They are are also useful for themed events and usual festivities such as Christmas and Halloween. If a particular theme or costume is required, Servo Dummies can be tailoured to most requirements.

The most popular Servo Dummy is the Waiter, The character is capable of serving food and drink to all guests at dinner functions.

The Servo Dummy Waiter is now available with electronically luminous facial prosthetics.

A package presentation with Junior the robot as a meet and greet and The Waiter to serve food and drink in the latter part of the performance is currently on offer.
PRIMO is 6ft 3 in of glitzy polished metal. He is able to communicate with your guests, even in noisy environments. He is able to sing and dance and has many sound effects to suit the mood for every occasion.

PRIMO works very well for meet and greet situations and also at events when maximum impact is required.

Genuine Fakes look like realistic statues, but are really performing artistes posing in a statue like manner. The statue performers wait for the right moment to burst into life and give you suitable remarks such as ‘nice tie, Sir’ or ‘Come along Madam, let’s see you smile.’

The statues are always ready with the right thing to say at the right moment. Genuine Fakes are a great meet and greet act that will make everyone smile.

JUNIOR is a radio controlled robot that is operated from a nearby hidden location. The robot operator can view, hear and talk to anyone close to JUNIOR, via a wireless optical and audio link to the robot. He is ideal for meet and greet occasions as he ‘speaks’ in a very clear synthesised voice. His lovely blue eyes make him vulnerable to hugs and kisses from young children and women of all ages especially as he is only 3 ft tall.

BORG-STIFF is based on the Star Trek character the Borg and is very much in demand for all types of events. BORG-STIFF comes complete with functioning light displays, servo motor sounds and a professional robotic artiste to bring the Borg presence alive.

All this and YES! batteries are included. Be part of the borg collective.

The Ex-Terminator is a character we have all grown to love or hate. The concept of this character was a unique challenge, using the art of prosthetics/makeup. The Ex-Terminator certainly does create a lot of interest wherever he performs. He is definitely an awesome character ready to do the business for Halloween or just to make your parties go with a bang.

Mime-init is a comical character. He uses sound effects and some mime humour to bring situations alive.

The sound effects add a special touch to many comical situations such as an invisible door with a working door bell sound, or an invisible car with realistic horn and starting motor sound.

If Mime-init reverses his invisible car, listen out for the BANG and stay out of the way as you may get the blame for the invisible damage.

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We thought you were extremely professional and friendly. Everything arrived on time and you even helped us tidy up the flooring after the function which was a great help, thank you! We would definitely recommend you. Your marquees were unusual and really spacious, well worth the money.

Matt, Jodie and Evie

Your team provided an excellent service, the marquee and other equipment was set up quickly and efficiently - very impressive. We anticipate that we will plan a similar event for next year and I expect we will be in touch to make use of your services again.

T Hessllewood

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