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Online Escape Room Games

Escape rooms games are known to be mentally challenging and fun. This is a team building game designed for online environments, so that remote teams can have fun and practice teamwork in a video conference setting.



Virtual escape game

The online escape room is a unique take on the already very popular escape room games. Fun and mentally stimulating, it will get your remote team working together towards a solution.

How does the online escape room game work?

We are trapped in the room and need your team’s help to escape before it’s too late. But it’s not a simple task, as we can only follow your instructions and are the rules of the game prevent us from taking any action without their prompting. Will your team be able to direct the prisoner safely out of the escape room?

We have a range of different escape rooms available that remote players can view through a live video feed. Your team will need to work together in a videoconference setting to help the prisoner escape before the time runs out. 

Which team member will take the lead? Who can stay calm under pressure and come up but the most effective solutions?

How many people can get involved and how long is a session?

Each room can cater for a maximum of 15 participants at a time. The online escape room game can last between 20 – 50 minutes, depending on how quickly the team works out an effective escape strategy. If you would like your online event to have a set duration, other fun activities can be organised and ready to deploy in the remaining time. Our Virtual Team Building Activities and Remote Team Games page will give you more ideas.

Would you like to discuss an online team building event? Please get in touch, and one of our friendly event specialists will guide you through the options.

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The event was great - really enjoyable. Many thanks for all of your help.

N Lyon, BP Chemicals

Thank you, the service from start to finish was first class. I will certainly recommend you to my friends in future. Have a great summer and thanks again.

Zoe Barlow

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