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Read Online Caricaturist – Live Digital Caricatures Case Studies

Online Caricaturist – Live Digital Caricatures

The good news is that sitting for a caricature can be done just as well over the internet. If the caricaturist and her subject can’t meet face to face, the quality of the work will not suffer in the least. 


Read Our Testimonials

Ace Tones helped us celebrate our employee appreciation day, which went smoothly and was enjoyed by everyone, thank you.  

V. Beaton, VioVet


group caricature drawn on iPad by a digital caricaturist Our talented online caricaturist will create a bespoke piece of art for each of her subjects. Drawn on an iPad, the electronic images are easily transferred over the internet. Caricatures make memorable presents to friends or employees. Since they are easily shared on social media, you can use them to create publicity around a corporate event.

How does it work?

To pre-book appointment slots, we will share a video conference link will with your group or team   At the designated time, each person will have a virtual meeting with our online caricaturist and have his or her digital caricature drawn.

All the caricatures will be available to download from a secure gallery. We will share a link to it as soon as the first drawings are made.  Afterwards, your group can get creative and collated the individual pieces into group caricatures, or just have fun sharing them on social media.

Because they are drawn on on iPad, our caricatures are great for sharing on your social media platforms and internal intranet. You can add bespoke messages as a frame around the drawing. So you can use digital caricatures to spread a message and increase familiarity with your brand.

How many people can get involved and how long does a sitting last?

It will take 8 minutes for each of your guests to receive their digital caricature. So we recommend 10 minutes per pre-booked caricature slot.

How to book your digital caricature session

Get in touch to discuss your requirement and one of our friendly event specialists will ask you a few questions and give you a quote.

Looking for more ideas for a fun online event? Check out our Virtual Team Building Activities and Remote Team Games page.

Interested in Booking or Finding out More Information?

Make Enquiry

To make an enquiry into this service, simply fill out the form below, making sure to include the name Online Caricaturist – Live Digital Caricatures in the "which services and products…" box. We will endeavour to respond to you promptly.

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