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Hollywood Theme Party (Night at the Oscars)

Fancy a night at the Oscars? Let’s recreate the glitz and glamour of Hollywood with iconic cinematic props and decor, a red carpet reception, paparazzi, famous lookalikes and professional entertainers. All under the eye of cameras, streamed there and then as live footage.

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We have put together three basic packages to help you get started designing your Hollywood themed party. Please feel free to mix and match, and add your favourite features from the Optional Extras list.

Hollywood themed party props

Hollywood Theme Party (Night at the Oscars) – Bronze Package 

Recommended for up to 100 guests
Price: from £1,595 + VAT

What does this package include?

  • Decorating the venue’s entrance with red carpet and poles
  • Setting up your party space with two Starlight Cloths (6×3 m each), two 3D life size Oscar statues and a Hollywood sign (6m wide)
  • Adding glamour to the party ambience with washlighting around the room and props (six wireless uplighters to be installed)
  • Decorating 10 dinner tables with mini clapper board centrepieces
  • Setting up a deluxe photo booth with Hollywood themed backdrops. One of Ace Tones event team will help the guests use the photo booth, as required.

Hollywood themed party Oscars

Hollywood Theme Party (Night at the Oscars) Silver Package

Recommended for up to 300 guests
£3,595 + VAT

Includes everything in the Bronze Package plus:

  • A larger party space will be set up, with two additional starlight cloths (6x3m), a giant clapperboard and a filmstrip walkway
  • Decorations for 20 more dinner tables
  • Enhanced lighting, with three extra wireless LED uplighters
  • Casino games to entertain the guests – Blackjack and Roulette
  • Setting up a disco including PA system, professional DJ and special lighting effects

Hollywood Theme Party (Night at the Oscars) Gold Package

Recommended for up to 500 guests. (Ask us to tailor your package if you have a larger number of guests.)
Price: from £6,495 + VAT

Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus:

Hollywood themed party

  • A more impressive welcome to the guests with a starlight cloth tunnel walkway entrance
  • Extended party area, with a life-size 3D statue of Marilyn Monroe and two 50” TVs playing iconic movies
  • Enhanced lighting, with moving head lights to create a ‘night at the Oscars’ effect and additional washlighting around the room and props
  • More fun games for the guests – choose between
    • Option 1: Virtual reality simulator
    • Option 2:  Racing cars (Anki Track)
    • Option 3: Additional Blackjack and Roulette casino tables
    • Option 4: Batak Wall

Optional Extras for Hollywood Theme Parties

Customize your package by adding more props and decor items, games, entertainment acts and treats for your guests:

  • Give a grander welcome to your guests, with extra lengths of red carpet, gold posts and red ropes
  • Bring in more entertainers: singing waiters, dancers, Rat Pack band, fire breathers etc.
  • Inspire and entertain your guests with after-dinner speakers
  • Display live footage of the party – Have a stage set built especially for your party, with a camera crew, stage and AV screen (5x3m) showing live footage from your party. Additional 50” TV monitors can be installed around the venue. The footage can also be screened outdoors on an LED truck display.
  • Enhance your disco with a stylish black and white dance floor


Standard features

The following are included as standard in all Ace Tones party packages:

  • Liaising with your venue and managing the setup of your party
  • At least one of Ace Tones event team will be available for the whole duration of your party to supervise the lighting, equipment etc.
  • Health and safety provision


We use the latest technology, remote controlled battery uplighters (not tied to sockets, therefore no hazard of tripping over cables). All our lights are LED – they do not get hot, so they are safe to touch.
All our backdrops and panels are freestanding – there is no risk of damage to walls at venues.

Why not get in touch and share your ideas with an Ace Tones event specialist? We are ready to assist you in designing your perfect party.

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  28. Hollywood Party Kent
  29. Hollywood Party Kings Lynn
  30. Hollywood Party Lancaster
  31. Hollywood Party Leeds
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  35. Hollywood Party Liverpool
  36. Hollywood Party London
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  91. Oscar Party Cambridge
  92. Oscar Party Cambridges
  93. Oscar Party Canterbury
  94. Oscar Party Carlisle
  95. Oscar Party Chelmsford
  96. Oscar Party Chester
  97. Oscar Party Chichester
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  129. Oscar Party Nottingham
  130. Oscar Party Oxford
  131. Oscar Party Peterborough
  132. Oscar Party Plymouth
  133. Oscar Party Portsmouth
  134. Oscar Party Preston
  135. Oscar Party Ripon
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  150. Oscar Party Westminster
  151. Oscar Party Winchester
  152. Oscar Party Wisbech
  153. Oscar Party Wolverhampton
  154. Oscar Party Worcester
  155. Oscar Party York

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We thought you were extremely professional and friendly. Everything arrived on time and you even helped us tidy up the flooring after the function which was a great help, thank you! We would definitely recommend you. Your marquees were unusual and really spacious, well worth the money.

Matt, Jodie and Evie

Your team provided an excellent service, the marquee and other equipment was set up quickly and efficiently - very impressive. We anticipate that we will plan a similar event for next year and I expect we will be in touch to make use of your services again.

T Hessllewood

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