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Halloween Theme Party

Spooks, Gules, Witches, Ghosts, Goblins and everything else which goes bump in the night. We host the most outrageous Halloween themed party you could wish for.



With our brand new automated Ëœjump out’ statues which will frighten the socks off of anyone, and our fantastically spooky decor, we will magically transform your arena into the creepiest and most haunted of rooms to make your night unforgettable.

Our new spooky rage of life-sized motion & remote activated props includes:

Phantom Roadster is a haunted, customized vehicle that you can really drive!

Tombstone Reaper which animates and floats above your guests.

Wheelchair Stroller, she moves unaided in her wheelchair around your venue and at random, hovers above her seat.

Fence Thrasher, life-sized and very active as the skeleton gyrates around the room.

The Crawling Lurker, skinless, dashes across the floor shocking the unexpected.

For further details about out new life-sized motion figures see the Includes box below. no venue to big or too small, let us know your requirements and we will propose to create the scariest, spookiest, most original themed event to remember. All our Halloween equipment is available to be rented individually for parties, theatre, film or advertising productions, please ring us for a quote.

Halloween event can include:

Decorative Items:

Spooky Table Decorations
Halloween Wreaths
Decorated Door Entries
Themed Helium Balloons
Giant Spider s Webs
Banners & Flags
Halloween Vapor machines
Masks, Costumes and Novelty


Creepy Candelabras
Halloween Games Management.
Halloween Lighting

Equipment Hire:

Phantom Roadster – info
Fence Thrasher – info
The Crawling Lurker – info
Wheelchair Stroller – info
Tombstone Reaper – info
Spinning Spiders Web
Pumpkin Bash
Windy Ghost
Gunge Tank

Further Details:

Phantom Roadster

The fantastic vehicle can be used as an advertising magnet to generate local news coverage or drive it around the area of your local event to advertise your haunt, park it outside your haunt to draw attention, hey if you really want to impress you could even take the kid trick or treating. This vehicle is a real show stopper. Every inch of this vehicle has been customer built with hand cut engraving and custom painting no detail has been missed.

This vehicle has Tomb stone brakes, clutch and accelerator and side entry pedals, skull mirror, webbing on the windscreen and wing supports, Other details include coach-lamp LED Headlights & Taillights that illuminate candles below. Tome stone Radiator with scary torso riding behind, skull 4-speed gear stick, The Engine is a dependable 120cc thump star with chain drive.

Tombstone Reaper

This impressive granite memorial add a professional touch to any scary venue but don’t be fooled the tombstone has a grim reaper on top that towers above your guests, the reapers floats down and forward off the tombstone onto unsuspecting public, producing a very dramatic effect.

Fence Thrasher

Try not to jump when you walk past the fence Thrasher, this 6feet 6inch tall skeleton is actor activated the animated character thrashes back and forth from the back, waist, Head, arms and upper torso. This Unit comes complete with character, pneumatic unit and rattling sound.

Crawling Lurker

The Crawling Lurker does exactly what it’s name says, the Lurker wriggles from side to side as he crawls towards your audience the unit is foot pad activated so appears to move unaided and is extremely creepy.

Wheelchair Stroller

This Scary Character is spring activated and designed to provide a truly mobile scare, can be used anywhere in your venue appears to move unaided and allows you to scare on the move.


All the above are available separately or together in a package, all come supervised and with full public liability insurance.

Interested in Booking or Finding out More Information?

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To make an enquiry into this service, simply fill out the form below, making sure to include the name Halloween Theme Party in the "which services and products…" box. We will endeavour to respond to you promptly.


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We thought you were extremely professional and friendly. Everything arrived on time and you even helped us tidy up the flooring after the function which was a great help, thank you! We would definitely recommend you. Your marquees were unusual and really spacious, well worth the money.

Matt, Jodie and Evie

Your team provided an excellent service, the marquee and other equipment was set up quickly and efficiently - very impressive. We anticipate that we will plan a similar event for next year and I expect we will be in touch to make use of your services again.

T Hessllewood

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