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Exhibition Stand Games & Stand Promotions

Exhilarate your exhibition with our unique exhibition games, branded with your unique message.



How can you be certain that your exhibition stand will deliver a return on your investment?

You want :

  • High visitor engagement
  • Positive memorable interactions
  • To gain new contacts
  • Grow awareness of your brand

In order to begin creating a memorable experience your stand must be visually appealing to entice visitors onto it in the first instance. Fun interactive games are a great way to make as many of your target audience join you on your stand and want to talk to you, so that you can promote the business and have opportunities to sell.

At a trade show, each visitor might have 20 conversations with various businesses and probably remember 5 of those at most. So let the visitors that come to your stand play your game or be incentivised to participate in a competitive activity. Let them smile, enjoy the experience and then involve them in conversation.

Promotional Robot
— Exhibition crowd drawer

The more fun and enjoyable the interaction, the more likely it is your visitor will remember you (and for all the right reasons). Not all of your visitor engagement needs be in the form of conversations with your stand team. Sometimes, creative content and engagement tools can do the hard work for you. They give visitors a reason to approach your stand, provide an initial talking point, take some of the pressure off your team and can make understanding your proposition fun and easy for visitors to understand.

Our imaginative games can be designed and branded to convey your campaign message, saving you time and money developing something new from scratch.

Games that promote competition can be advertised before the trade show to build up interest and then the competition winner can be announced after the trade show so that you are continuing to engage with potential customers after the trade show has ended.

Draw crowds with our unique ideas!


Engaging with potential customers in the future is easy as you will have time to gain their details and link with them via social media. Photo opportunities on your stand can be uploaded to your social media platforms, visitors will be encouraged to visit your social media to see the photos after the trade show, ensuring that you stay memorable.

All our activities can be branded to match your marketing campaign. This will increase your exposure on social media platforms as people share images of them using the branded equipment.


Batak Wall

The Batak wall is a highly competitive activity which will whip up a frenzy of interest at your exhibition stand. Participants must hit as many lights as they can in the allotted time and scores are recorded on a scoreboard. The Batak can be fully personalised to reflect your business or product which you wish to advertise. Our Batak Wall is able to be fully branded as pictured in the image below.  To add to the excitement we have available a customisable scoreboard.  This will record the scores but also double up and can act as additional advertising via our live social walls.  Using the social wall function is a great way to get customers to follow your media platforms which enables you to market your ideas to them.  It also enables your potential customers to see if they have been beaten on the Batak Wall which encourages them to return to your stand.

Batak for exhibition



Grab A Grand Cash Cube

Would you like to give your visitors a chance to win some discount vouchers? Or run a fun competition on your exhibition stand?  The Cash Grabber will do just that.

Contestants step inside our wind tunnel to grab as much money or vouchers as they can in the allotted time.


Visitors will return to your stand again and again, attempting to up their game and win the prize.

Fast and furious, this activity can be branded for your marketing campaign or promotion.


Warning: These games are addictive. Don’t play if you don’t want to get hooked!


Exhibition stand attraction




Ipad Caricaturist 

Ipad Caricaturist hire NEC Birmingham

What is the advantage of using an Ipad Caricaturist for my Corporate Event, Promotional Event or Exhibition?

  • Guests or potential clients can take away a unique drawing of themselves
  • A unique drawing of themselves will not be thrown away and will more than likely be framed and displayed
  • Their unique drawing will display your company logo and message to help spread your brand and is in essence a business card that the client will keep forever.
  • Drawings can be uploaded to your social media platform and then participants can down load the image and share this with their contacts. This will lead to an increased following of your platforms, brand strengthening and likes and shares of your site to the guest or potential client’s family, friends and associates.
  • This unique art-form is highly visual and entertaining not only for those taking part but for spectators, which will draw crowds of people to watch the fun taking place in front of their very own eyes.

Cocktail/Mocktail Bar

It is thirsty work at an exhibition, so what better way to entice people to your stand.  A cocktail bar is perfect for any exhibition stand as our beautifully presented drinks draw always draw interest from passersby.


exhibition games
Mock tail bar hire

Giant Operation

This interactive game is a brilliant way to attract the big kid inside all of us.


exhibition games


Gold Cup Horse Racing

This competitive exhibition game brings a fun appeal to your stand as up to 4 people race against each other.  Available with full custom branding.


exhibition games
Gold Cup Horse Racing




I am a photo booth with a difference, so clever that I can work with your marketing team.

I can be tailored to take fun and interesting photos of people alongside your product and brand imagery. The possibilities are endless! And the photos are so cool that people will want to share them on social media, thus spreading the word about your business. The images are quick and easy to transfer to mobile devices.  I can even talk to customers who use the booth using your catch phrases or slogans, play advertising or demo clip movies prior to customers using the booth.  

Our state of  the art photo booth comes equipped with over a thousand different possible combinations of backgrounds and print styles. Every aspect of our photobooth can be tailored to advertise your business.

The prints will be personalised to advertise your company and some key contact details. Although subtle this advertising strategy is highly effective as photos will be shared on social media to an unrestricted audience which will only increase your exposure to potential clients.  Photo giveaways are extremely powerful as a picture of a client with your logo or product will always be kept even if it is on a pin board in their office or on their fridge.  Your brand and message will be in front of them for ever!

We can also design your very own skin with your logo and company colours. Which will certainly increase interest at your stand.

If you want to stand out, engage customers, promote your brand, attract visitors to your exhibition stand, gain customer followings on media platforms,


Exhibition photobooth



Popcorn and Candy Floss

Not only giving your stand a visual affect, our Popcorn and Candy Floss Stand draws a crowd by filling the air with an aroma of warm popcorn and sweet candyfloss.  We can entice crowds and potential leads over to your stand with fully customised pop corn boxes and candy floss bags.


exhibition games
Popcorn & Candy Floss – Entice client’s to your stand


Rodeo Bull

Grab the bull by its horns and have this fantastic competitive fun game at your next exhibition!  Competition is always a crowd pleaser but also an easy way to gain leads and new contacts.


Exhibition Games & stand promotions


Branded Rodeo bottle

Shout your message out with our custom branded Rodeo bottle and rodeo bed.  Its a great way to fill space and draw crowds for fun and laughter.  Using the element of competition we can drive traffic to your exhibition space and make you stand out from your competitors.

Rodeo bottle hire
Rodeo bottle hire

Crowd Pleasing Acts

With a vast range of unique performers that will keep you and your product memorable



An exhibition presents an opportunity to network with potential customers. It is important to stand out at a show as it is more than likely that you are competing against several other similar stands. An exhibition stand game or activity is a must for any exhibitor looking to give themselves a competitive edge over rival stand holders.  Our exhibition stand games will draw crowds to your exhibition stand and this increases the opportunity to meet new customers.  Exhibition stand games are a fun way to help increase your data collection without your potential client’s evening knowing they have provide this valuable information.


Prevent potential clients from ignoring your stand by installing an eye-catching activity such as a cash grabber or a batak wall. Not only will participants stop but a crowd of spectators will also build. This gives you the perfect opportunity to network with the crowd and gather important contact details. You can also use the time to persuade them into interacting with you on social media by giving your Facebook page a like.


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