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Corporate Days Out – Family Fun

Does your company treat its employees to corporate days out? With full event management available to take the stress away, we can make these events fun for everyone, including the organisers! From designing your event to managing the logistics, you can rely on Ace Tones to make your project enjoyable from the word ‘go’.

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Celebrating Routeco’s 40th Anniversary

“Routeco Limited held a 40th Anniversary Family Fun Day celebration at its Head Office in Milton. This was an important milestone in the company’s history and we wanted to ensure we chose the right entertainment company to work with to run the event.

The Ace Tones team worked closely with Routeco during the build up to the Family Day and worked extremely well during the event itself.

The Rodeo Bull, Bungee Run and Bouncy Castle were enjoyed by all ages. Ace Tones also supplied a caricaturist which was very busy and the manned PA system helped the event progress.

The Little Sizzler BBQ served up some fantastic food, with the piri piri chicken being highly recommended.

We had the pleasure of welcoming over 250 staff and family members to a very successful event.

Thank you to the Ace Tones teams for making this a memorable experience.”

D. Lack, Routeco Ltd


No matter how many staff you employ, we can organise a corporate day out for all of them. Their families can also be invited, as there are games and activities suitable for all ages. So many activities in fact, that narrowing down your selection could be an adventure in itself! Ace Tones are here to help, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you find you need guidance through this long, but fun, list:


Would You Like to Go for a Ride on Your Corporate Day Out?

Outdoor fun:Corporate days out rides

  • Bumper cars (or dodgems) – Collisions are what we’re aiming for here!
  • Funfair rides – You can be twirled in a teacup, swung on a pendulum or flung about in a flying scooter, to name but three…
  • Mobile zip line – It’s not that hard being a high flyer
  • Motorized vehicles – Lots of people drive a car, but have you ever driven a bath?
  • Especially for kids: Toylander buggies and cars, irresistible fun to the budding adventurer

For both indoors and outdoors events, the rodeo bull (or reindeer, or indeed bottle), also known as the bucking bronco will give you an eventful (!) ride.

Corporate days out bouncy toysBouncy and Bouncier Toys

Also known as “inflatables”, most of them can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors:

  • Defy gravity in a Bouncy Castle
  • Sprint, crash and slide on a Bungee Run
  • Test the limits of your flexibility in a giant inflatable twister
  • Pummel your friends in the padded safety of a Battle Zone, Demolition Ball or Pillow Bash
  • If you like ball games, the Basketball Shoot and the giant inflatable dart board will let you prove you’re the best shot once and for all…

A couple of our bouncy experiences – Inflatable Tug of War and Human Table Football – are so wild and overgrown that we only let them into outdoor events.

A Host of Entertainers for Your Corporate Days Out

At your event, humans and robots can mingle together in a dazzling crowd of colourful entertainers:

  • Caricaturists (paper or iPad – your choice)Corporate days out entertainers
  • Close-up magicians (or you may know them as table magicians)
  • Circus performers
  • Hypnotists
  • Mime artists
  • Musicians, bands and, of course, stilt walking musicians
  • Robot waiters to serve drinks and canapes or perform choreographed sketches
  • Silhouette cutters
  • Stilt walkers

Children’s entertainers

  • Face painters
  • Glitter artist
  • Children’s magicians
  • Circus performers
  • Punch and Judy

Mobile climbing wall

Get Physical!

  • Aeroball – It’s all up in the air. Not just the ball, but the players too
  • Axe throwing – Let’s get medieval here
  • Bubble football (or Zorb football) – Hey, this is more fun than the World Cup!
  • Hi Striker – Show us your strength, man
  • Mobile rock climbing wall – How fast can you get to the top?  

Young children can also get active in the cushioned safety of a soft play area or bouncy castle.

Are you quick and deft of hand?

Rain or shine, you can test your skills with a variety of games, which can be set up easily, indoors or outdoors:

  • Batak Wall – How good is your eye-hand coordination?
  • Golfing games – Crazy Golf and putting simulator for golf enthusiasts… or just for fun
  • Grab-a-Grand Cube (or Cash Grabber) – Where money grubbing is a virtue; you just need to be quick!
  • Laser Shot (virtual shooting simulator)  – serious combat for serious people…or not
  • Interactive light chasing table – Who’s the fastest one of all?
  • Digital giant buzz wire – A steady hand gets the prize
  • Gold Cup horse racing simulator – Never mind the horse, how fast can you gallop?
  • Graffiti wall – It’s not an offence scribbling on this one, but don’t try this at home
  • Vision Racer (racing car simulator) – Fancy being a Formula 1 driver?

For reasons we will leave you to guess :-), the following skill-testing activities are outdoors only:

  • Archery – There’s a Robin Hood in each of us. Or is there?
  • Laser clay pigeon shooting – One more chance to prove you are a good shot… or not!

Fun Activities for Kinds on Corporate Days Out

Here are a few activities  to test the skill of children (of all ages):

  • Laser clay pigeon shooting during a corporate eventAir hockey table – Floating on a breeze, but is your breeze heading for the goalpost?!
  • Arcade games – We have the Aladdin’s cave of video arcade games, simulators, pinballs, quiz machines and pool tables. The choice is yours…
  • Giant Connect 4 – Yep, the one we all know
  • Giant Jenga – There’s only one way this is going to end
  • Giant Operation (or Top Doc) – Can you remove that organ without touching the patient (!), doctor?
  • Funfair side stalls: Hook a Duck, Coconut Shy, Crossbow Gallery, Hoopla, Splat the Rat and Tin Can Alley – yeah, it’s a proper fair
  • Remote controlled cars

Marquees for Corporate Days Out

Will it rain or will it shine? Either way, your event is covered. Our modular Capri Plus marquees will accommodate just the right number of guests.

Food, Refreshments and Treats

  • Barbecue
  • Hog roast
  • Buffet
  • Mobile bar  – Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, hot drinks
  • Healthy snack and salad bar
  • Pizza selection
  • Ice cream stall
  • Waffle bar
  • Popcorn machine
  • Candy floss stall
  • Sweetie cart
  • Slush machine



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  98. Company Summer Party Sunderland
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Ace Tones helped us with all our entertainment for our Summer Party. We had a variety of entertainment, all went down very well and a special shout out to the caricaturist.

H. Cartmel, Coca-Cola European Partners

Ace Tones’ professional service made our charity event a massive success!!! We hired the rodeo bull for a fundraising day at Thomas Cook HQ. It went down an absolute storm and raised loads of money for our TC Children's Charity. The whole Ace Tones team were absolutely fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble and communication was fast and efficient at the planning stage. Thanks to all involved, couldn't recommend this company enough!

G. Rogers, Thomas Cook

We had the pleasure of welcoming over 250 staff and family members to a very successful event. Thank you to the Ace Tones teams for making this a memorable experience.  

D. Lack, Routeco Ltd

We used Ace Tones for our 70th anniversary celebrations, it is the first time we have ever done anything like this and the day was a great success! Thank you Ace Tones for all your help and support with the entertainment!

C. Bennett, Guy-Raymond Engineering Ltd

We had Ace Tones for our company 30th birthday party. The service we received was outstanding. The whole day was a really big hit. The archery and axe throwing went down really well and added to our medieval theme. Great job guys! Would highly recommend. Will definitely be in touch next year.  

C. Fish, DST Systems

Ace Tones provided the activities for our work family fun day last weekend and it was so much fun. All of the equipment was high quality and I had a go on things I would usually shy away from, but with it being a private event I thought why not! Turns out riding a rodeo bull is not my forte! All of Ace Tones staff were helpful and friendly and played their part in making it a great day for my whole family and many others. 

D. Cipriani, Forterra

Ace Tones have provided entertainment, games and catering for our staff and family fundays for the past 4 years and we have always found them very professional, happy to go the extra mile and great value for money! They are like part of the family! Thanks    

D. Greenwood, énergie fitness

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