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Bubble Football Zorb Football

Bubble Football is football with a twist. It enables the Bubble Footballer to bounce around the pitch having an unforgettable action packed fun experience from start to finish!



Bubble Football is the revolutionary new sport where players are strapped inside a giant inflatable zorb & play football.  You can guarantee a great fun, exciting experience full of laugh’s!

Because we only use 100% TPU Bubble’s, which are for commercial use, we can offer some of the great games below with our service.

Operational space required

*Outdoor and indoor use grassed or other similar surface required for soft landing
*Minimum age 13 + signing of consent form / disclaimer required prior to playing
*Max number of users 10
*Max through-put up to 50 players per hour
*Power required on site
*Operational area required 25.0m wide X 16.0m deep (Clear space required behind for overshoot safety zone)

5 A Side Zorb Football / Bubble Football

This game consists of each player wearing a giant inflatable bubble. Two teams of five, both teams starting at separate ends with the football in the middle, this way the game kicks off with a bang!! Now it’s time for the funniest game of football you will ever have.

Bubble Football Bull Dog

This game consists of 10 participants wearing a bubble with 1 of them the bulldog standing in the middle of the play area. All remaining players stand at one end of the area & the aim of the game is to run from one end of the pitch of play to the other without being knocked down by the bulldog. When a player is knocked down, they become a bulldog themselves. The winner is the last player still standing.

Roly Poly Bubble Football

This game consists of 10 participants each in their bubbles in a line at 1 end of the pitch. The object is to get to the other end 1st but by only doing forward rolls.

1 on 1 Bubble Football It’s a Knock Out

This game consists of players getting into pairs and going head to head in this knockout tournament. The ball is placed on the centre spot & each player starts on their goal line, the winner is the first person to score in the opposition’s goal but both players must collide before the ball is touched. If you score you qualify for the next road if you concede you’re out! This is a great way to finish off the session especially with a few tired legs.

Why not add some extra fun to your Bubble Football experience with our fantastic RC 90’s Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Bungee Run 

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