Hawaiian Theme Party

Hawaiian Theme Party – an unforgettable escape to paradise

Golden beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and the infectious spirit of aloha! Ace Tones invites you to experience a Hawaiian Luau Party that will transport you straight to the heart of the Polynesian paradise.

Embrace the Lush Tropics

We’ll transform your venue into a vibrant tapestry of Hawaiian beauty. Beach scenes and tropical sunset backdrops create a sense of endless ocean and fiery skies. Scenic gauze adds depth and mystery, while playful tiki statues, replica marine life and swaying palm tree props invite you to explore this island wonderland.

Feel the Sand Between Your Toes – Let the soft Hawaiian sand caress your feet (venue permitting, of course!). We’ll bring the beach right to you, adding an authentic touch to your luau experience.

Ripple with the Ocean Breeze: As the music plays, watch delicate ripple lights dance across the scenery, mimicking the gentle sway of the ocean waves. It’s an immersive detail that truly transports you to a tropical paradise.

Aloha for Everyone – Adorn yourselves with the fragrant beauty of Hawaiian culture. Each guest will receive a vibrant lei, a symbol of welcome and celebration.

Sipping Under the Palms – Quench your thirst with an array of colourful cocktails served at our traditional thatched beach bar. Exotic blends, fresh fruits and vibrant garnishes to tantalise your taste buds and fuel the island vibes.

Gather Under the Stars – Embrace the Polynesian tradition of feasting under the open sky. If your luau is held outdoors, we’ll erect Hawaiian-themed tents, offering shade and shelter while letting you immerse yourself in the tropical night.

Hula Hula girl infront of Hawaiian themed backdrop
Tropical bar with cocktail bar maid

HAWAIIAN THEME PARTY Entertainment – Let the Island Spirit Come Alive

Get ready to move and groove with activities and entertainment that capture the essence of Hawaii:

  • Hula Like a Pro: Witness the mesmerising grace of LED hula dancers, their vibrant skirts swirling in the light as they tell stories through movement.
  • Island Tunes from the Heart: Get lost in the sweet sounds of a live ukulele band. Their strumming will fill the air with island magic, inviting you to sway and sing along.
  • Ride the Waves: Bring out the inner surfer with our exciting surfing simulator! Feel the rush of adrenaline as you carve virtual waves and impress your fellow islanders.
  • Test Your Aim: Aim, toss and see if you can knock down the coconuts for tropical bragging rights.
  • Become a Mixologist: Unleash your inner cocktail master with a Hawaiian-themed mixology session. Learn the secrets of creating exotic drinks using fresh island ingredients and colourful garnishes.
  • Craft Your Own Lei: Immerse yourself in Hawaiian tradition by weaving your own beautiful lei. Choose from fragrant flowers, colourful feathers and delicate shells to create a unique and lasting souvenir of your luau experience.
  • Rodeo on the Beach: Hold on tight and see if you can conquer the bucking bottle!
  • Dance Under the Stars: Bust a move on the dance floor as our live surf band or professional DJ spin a mix of island beats and classic party tunes. Let loose, laugh and celebrate the carefree spirit of aloha!
  • Conquer the Island: For the adventurous souls, we offer a challenging Hawaiian assault course. Put your agility, strength and teamwork to the test as you navigate obstacles and puzzles inspired by the Polynesian landscape.

Capture the Luau Memories

Strike a pose in our photo booth or selfie pod adorned with vibrant tropical backdrops. Capture the laughter, the dancing and the island vibes to create lasting memories of your unforgettable luau.

A Taste of Paradise

No Hawaiian luau is complete without a feast fit for royalty. We’ll tantalise your taste buds with a seafood barbecue featuring succulent grilled fish, shrimp and other ocean delights. Exotic fruits, fresh salads and fragrant rice dishes will round out the culinary experience, all complemented by the sweet, refreshing taste of tropical cocktails.

From Sunset to Sunrise

With Ace Tones, your Hawaiian Luau Party will be an unforgettable escape to paradise. We’ll handle everything from decorations and props to food, drinks and entertainment. All you need to do is slip on your flip-flops, grab a lei and get ready to say “Aloha!” to an experience that will leave you smiling long after the music fades.

3D Hula Hula Girl at a Hawaiian themed party.


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