Looking for corporate event games hire services? Ace Tones has  one of the largest game selections available in the UK.

Indoor or outdoor, inflatables, fairground, garden games… You name it and we’ll provide them. The list of game on our website is mean to give you an idea of the variety we offer, but it’s not a comprehensive list. If you’re looking for something that is not listed here, please ask us.

Would You Like to Go for a Ride?

  • Bumper cars (or dodgems) – Collisions are what we’re aiming for here!
  • Funfair rides – You can be twirled in a teacup, swung on a pendulum or flung about in a flying scooter, to name but three…
  • Motorized vehicles – Lots of people drive a car, but have you ever driven a bath?
  • Especially for kids: Toylander buggies and cars, irresistible fun to the budding adventurer
  • For both indoors and outdoors events, the rodeo bull (or reindeer, or indeed bottle), also known as the bucking bronco will give you an eventful (!) ride.

Bouncy and Bouncier Toys (aka Giant Inflatables)

The list of inflatables is huge, so here are just a few ideas:

  • Defy gravity in a Bouncy Castle
  • Test the limits of your flexibility in a giant inflatable twister
  • Pummel your friends in the padded safety of a Battle Zone, Demolition Ball or Pillow Bash
  • If you like ball games, the Basketball Shoot and the giant inflatable dart board will let you prove you’re the best shot once and for all…
  • A couple of our bouncy experiences – Inflatable Tug of War and Human Table Football – are so wild and overgrown that we only let them into outdoor events.
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Get Physical

  • Axe throwing – Let’s get medieval here
  • Bubble football (or Zorb football) – Hey, this is more fun than the World Cup!
  • Hi Striker – Show us your strength, man
  • Mobile rock climbing wall – How fast can you get to the top?

Are you quick and deft of hand?

  • Archery – There’s a Robin Hood in each of us. Or is there?
  • Batak Wall – How good is your eye-hand coordination?
  • Digital giant buzz wire – A steady hand gets the prize
  • Golfing games – Crazy Golf and putting simulator for golf enthusiasts… or just for fun
  • Grab-a-Grand Cube (or Cash Grabber) – Where money grubbing is a virtue; you just need to be quick!
  • Interactive light chasing table – Who’s the fastest one of all?
  • Laser clay pigeon shooting – One more chance to prove you are a good shot… or not!
  • Gold Cup horse racing simulator – Never mind the horse, how fast can YOU gallop?
  • Graffiti wall – It’s not an offence scribbling on this one, but don’t try this at home
  • Vision Racer simulator – Fancy being a Formula 1 driver?

Are you entertaining young guests at your corporate event?

Here are a few games for children (of all ages):

  • Air hockey table – Floating on a breeze, but is your breeze heading for the goalpost?
  • Arcade games – We have the Aladdin’s cave of video arcade games, simulators, pinballs, quiz machines and pool tables. The choice is yours…
  • Giant Connect 4 – Yep, the one we all know
  • Giant Jenga – There’s only one way this is going to end
  • Giant Operation (or Top Doc) – Can you remove that organ without touching the patient, doctor?
  • Funfair side stalls: Hook a Duck, Coconut Shy, Crossbow Gallery, Hoopla, Splat the Rat and Tin Can Alley – yeah, it’s a proper fair
  • Remote controlled cars

Have we wet your appetite for games? This is just a starter! Find out more by browsing though the list below or get in touch with our friendly event experts to explore games and entertainment ideas for your next event.

Having an optimal combination of games is crucial for the success of any fun event.  There has to be enough variety and enough to do for all the participants. Ace Tones provides more than games – we can also offer expert advice about creating the perfect mix and how to make the most of your event budget. 

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