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Corporate Fun Day

The Heroes of the Story

Our client is a multinational food manufacturer that specialises in frozen potato products. In 2017, one of their branches in the UK decided to treat their staff to a family fun day, as a “thank you” for their hard work. The HR manager went in search of a professional event organiser, to plan and manage the entire event from start to finish. Could Ace Tones put together the perfect, hassle free event they wanted?

Their Dream Event…

Two months before the date assigned for the event, Ace Tones went to the client’s office to meet the event committee. They asked: “What does your dream event look like?” The list of wishes included funfair rides, a live band performing on a large stage, games and fun activities for all ages from toddlers to adults, food, refreshments and treats for all the guests.   

Ace Tones worked with the event committee to design a family fun day that met the client’s expectations within the allocated budget.

… And How We Made It Happen

Once the specification was agreed, Ace Tones set to work, planning the event.

A few potential challenges were easily solved as Ace Tones’ event experience was brought to bear. Funfair rides, entertaining as they are, can also be unreliable and expensive. Ace Tones called on their trusted funfair suppliers, companies with a proven track record of excellent quality and service. Long-standing relationships made it possible to negotiate good prices.

Access to the venue and getting the activities into place in the right order was crucial.

The Event Manager briefed the event team and provided them with a clear plan of where each piece of equipment was going to go, to make the set up quick and efficient on the day.

All the dietary requirements were collected to ensure the catering team were fully prepared.

Due attention was given to health & safety. The risk assessment and methods statements were audited by a professional H&S firm. Ace Tones arranged for two emergency first aid providers and a treatment tent to be available at the event.

At 2 am on the day of the event, the fun fair rides arrived, to be assembled and safety checked. The well trained event team promptly deployed all the other equipment according to plan.

Two electricity generators were brought in and the power was judiciously distributed where it was needed on the site. Several heavy, difficult to move objects were placed correctly first time. Everything was ready in good time.

The Big Day

At noon, the guests started to arrive. They were greeted by the sounds of soul music as they entered the refreshment area near the entrance. 


If Ace Tones could have organised the weather themselves, it could not have been more perfect for the event – blazing sunshine throughout the day. The large bar area was well in demand throughout the event. The barbecue supplied everyone with much needed energy for an active day. With such a choice of games and fun activities, which one should you have first? Try your hand at crazy golf, hook a duck or knock down a coconut? Test your aim with the crossbow, or laser shoot at clay pigeons? Have a smooth funfair ride, or go for some bumpy fun in a dodgem? Or, if you wanted a really, really bumpy ride, the rodeo bull was there to oblige! The youngest of the guests busied themselves in the soft play area, under the eyes of their parents or grandparents. The young, and not so young, bounced about on the bungee run or bouncy castle. And there were treats to choose from: ice cream, popcorn and candy floss. 


The fun continued throughout the day, as the crowds of happy families stayed until the end.

Some of the day’s impressions

The Ace Tones’ event staff on site that day were rewarded for their efforts with praise from the guests: “brilliant”, “absolutely loved it”, “best fun day we’ve ever been to” and “can’t wait till next year”. Their words and the smiles on the children’s faces made it all worthwhile.

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