Staff Incentives

What are Staff Incentives? 

Everyone needs some encouragement from time to time and that’s really important in the work environment. No matter how self motivated someone is. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected of them. For all businesses, no matter the industry, maintaining morale is very important in order to ensure your staff are driven to work hard for your company. 

Individual Incentives can include:

  1. Posting the person’s picture on the achievement wall
  2. A personal thank you face to face, via video or a handwritten card.
  3. Small present on the person’s desk

Group Incentives can include:

  1. Sending the team home early
  2. Taking the team out for lunch
  3. Bringing treats into the office for everyone to share
  4. Having a surprise, fun event that will show how much you appreciate your employees such as a party or company fun day.

Staff incentives - Sweet treatsWhat are the benefits of Staff Incentives?

Incentives show employees that the company cares and appreciates the work they are doing. If employees feel appreciated and and rewarded, then they are more likely to want to come to work. Incentive programmes can be focused on promoting teamwork and fostering an environment that is conducive to success.

  • Drive employee engagement – Not only are incentives great for your company they are also great for your employee’s happiness and wellbeing. Allowing them to blow off steam or win prizes is a great way to ensure they are happy working for the company.
  • Foster loyalty and decreased employee turnover
  • Giving incentives to your employees not only motivates them to do their work, but it can also motivate them to stay longer at the business. Having these perks might be the reason they choose to stay at your company, instead of looking elsewhere.
  • Motivate – Everyone knows that productivity is essential to ensuring your company’s success. Productivity drives business, so what drives your employees? Incentives are a great way to ensure that your employees stay motivated to do their job to the best of their ability. 
  • Team Culture – It has been found that productivity improves by 20-25% in organisations with connected employees. If you are offering incentives that multiple people will be able to win or attend, then it can help with team bonding and strengthen the relationships between your employees.
  • Help attract new talent – According to Glassdoor, incentives do attract talent, with 57% of candidates reporting it as one of their top considerations before accepting a job. To attract top candidates, you need to stand out from the competition and offering unique incentive schemes could do just that. It could be the reason a candidate chooses your company over another one.

Ace Tones have been successfully providing team incentives for many large companies including Amazon and Whirlpool. To find out more and to read our case studies, go to our Fun Incentives for Employees service page. 


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