Has the excitement of New Year worn away and your team look glum? 

Has your workplace lost its sense of fun and your teams seem divided? Let us help you to bring back the fun and reconnect your team within and across departments.

We can help you put a smile back on their faces through our range of fun games and treats. This could be something unique such as a caricaturist who will capture their personality, a fun game to liven things up or create a competitive vibe or a treat such as Belgium waffles and ice cream. 

Ace Tones have so much to choose from and can  provide a solution to meet your budget. Find out more via this link https://www.acetonesgroup.com/service/fun-incentives-for-employees/

Are you doubting how effective it might be? Ace Tones have worked with Whirlpool for many years and we helped them to boost the morale of their call center team. See what they had to say…….

Q: How effective do you think the employee engagement programme has been?

A: The programme has delivered tangible benefits, most noticeably a 10% reduction in contact staff absence year on year and an improvement in employee engagement survey score of over 20%.

The full case study can be found via https://www.acetonesgroup.com/2019/01/boosting-employee-morale-with-fun-days-at-whirlpool-peterborough/

Whirlpool worked with us to plan an annual set of employee incentives to suit the interests of their entire team, taking into account the changes in season. Ie Ice creams in the summer and a hot drinks bar in the winter. The chosen incentives were carefully planned to engage everyone, maybe not in every activity but overall there was something for everyone. 

Whirlpool and Ace Tones kept the incentives a secret and then when the ‘Fab Friday’ arrived each week the secret was disclosed. The huge variety kept the call center team guessing!

Ace Tones have the experience to provide advice and support from the very start, whether its a one off staff incentive that you wish to plan or a series of days in a row or spread out over a period of time. Plus, as we own our equipment we can be more flexible if your circumstances need to change.

Don’t forget – a happy team who feel valued do more than is expected of them.

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