Wedding Photographers – What is going on inside their head?

We delved into the world of Photographer Ryan Jarvis to find out more about his passion and what advice he would give to couples so that they get truly amazing wedding photos.

  1. Why did you become a wedding photographer?

I have always loved photography – but only really photographing people so weddings was a natural progression.

  1. What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

The creative aspect and working with fun couples who want to create amazing pictures as much as I do

  1. Which parts of the job are the most frustrating or challenging?

Running out of time and not getting all the shots I’d hoped to

  1. How do you put the newly wed couple at ease?

I’m just a bit of a clown really so I have a laugh with them and try to make everything as upbeat and fun as I can.

  1. How do you ensure you get the right shots?

In terms of group shots I ask the couple for a list.  Everything else is just in my head and comes from experience.  But the important thing is not to have a head full of too many pictures or pre-conceived ideas, that way shots come much more naturally as I’m more relaxed.

  1. How does the weather affect your job?

Rain makes it harder to get outside.  So then it’s a case of shooting indoors, or       grabbing a brolly and dancing in the rain.  I do quite a cool shot with an umbrella  and a couple of flashes which I save for raining days.  Couples love it!

  1. Have you ever shot a wedding somewhere usual or had any unusual requests?

Did one in Greece.  Got one coming up in Iceland.

  1. What information do you like to have from the couple before their big day?

Details of times and locations and the group pictures they’d like.

  1. How many photos do you normally take on the day? How long do you spend after the wedding editing the photos? 

I usually shoot around 1500.  I spend about a week editing the images although it’s not a solid eight hours a day.  I usually break it up a bit around other shoots and album designing.

  • What advice would you give to a couple regarding their wedding photography?

* Don’t go cheap.  I’ve seen cheap photography and it’s often no better than an amateur could do.  Having a camera doesn’t make someone a professional photographer.

*See as much of the photographers work as you can – blogs are handy because they usually show off the wedding from start to finish.  The more complete weddings you can see the more faith you can have in the photographer.

* Read reviews, it’s often helpful to see what others have to say.

* Meet them!  Do they have a good personality and will they get on with you and your


* Ask how long have they’ve been in business and how many weddings they’ve shot.

* Make sure the photos you’re shown come from REAL weddings where they were the PRIMARY photographer. It’s easy to wow people with photos taken on training days or taken as a second photographer where they didn’t have to set the shot up, find the good light and help relax the couple into a nice pose.

I’m sure I could think of a million other things!

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