Award winning Wedding Venue Dresser, Gayle Greenwood from GDC Weddings and Events explains where she gets her inspiration from for her stunning room designs.


  • How did you get started in the wedding venue dressing business?
  • I have always been artistic and have an eye for detail, I noticed there was a gap in the market for themed children’s parties so I started doing these myself with party packages with chair covers, table cloths etc and this took off pretty quick. Clients would contact me and ask could I supply chair covers for weddings and it took off from there, the wedding business is now my main job and had to stop the children’s parties to concentrate on the wedding and events industry.


  • What did you do before?
  • I worked in London as a PA for 15 years and also a fitness instructor for 20 years.


  • Where do you get your inspiration?
  • From what’s around, I always look at a venue before and see how I can tie my colours and design in with what’s already there to compliment it.  I follow a lot of designers on Instagram and just have a natural eye for making things look pretty and perfect


  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
  • That i work for myself and that I can make a difference to someone’s special day. Its an honour to be able to work with such lovely couples and to see my final creation at the end of it all, just amazing. I am such a perfectionist.


  • What is your biggest frustration?
  • Venues not setting the rooms up on time, its never the brides as they are amazing. We turn up at hotels at the nominated time and rooms are not ready, people are still eating in them and some even thought we were coming the next day!!!! Get organised and communicate with each other!!!!!!


  • What is most important to most couples regarding the dressing of their wedding venue?
  • My vision, they seem to trust what I think works best and leave it to me, very honoured.


  • Who decides on the wedding décor, is it the bride, groom or jointly?
  • 70% brides, 30% groom and sometimes 100% me.


  • How do you cope if the engaged couple disagree on décor?
  • I show them the choices they have chosen and what I would choose and they always agree with me. What they see in their head doesn’t always work so I point them in the right direction.


  • If you could dress a wedding venue for a celebrity couple, who would they be?
  • I wouldn’t want to, they would be way too fussy for me and I’m more interested in real life people.


  • Was it easy to design your own wedding dressing?
  • Yes, we knew the look we wanted to achieve and we did exactly that. I actually cried when it all came together as it was so breath taking


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