Uneffective Giveaways

Most people associate trade show promotions with giveaways but this is not the best way to engage people at a trade show. They often visit your booth for a free gift and then disappear without leaving anything of value for you.

Effective ways to engage with potential new clients

Competition is an effective way to engage people and keeps potential high quality leads at your stand whilst your sales team can engage with them. Running a contest via a raffle or a competitive activity will create a challenge and lots of fun. Not only for those participating but for those who would rather watch others!

Advertise your competition on social media and in any publications prior to the event. Eg. Will you find the golden ticket? With an activity such as a ‘Grab a Grand’ it’s wildly competitive as each person has 30 seconds to try to grab the golden ticket as its blown around them in a booth. Or create a leader board whilst potential new leads compete to get the best time on a Batak wall. Many people attend trade shows in groups so encourage competition within these groups too.

Don’t forget a crowd of people attract more people who want to know what all the fuss is about. Create an interesting stand that creates a buzz.

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